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The Internet is widely understood to be about web pages made up of HTML in which humans search, browse and consume via their desktops and laptop computers using their favorite browser.

Quickly other pioneers like Salesforce, Amazon, eBay, Twitter, Facebook and Google showed us another dimension of the Internet accessible via the same architecture as the World Wide Web, using RESTful APIs.   This dimension is not designed for humans, but for developers to use in their web applications, consuming and sharing data and resources across the Internet.

In addition to driving web applications, RESTful APIs were quickly used to deliver the same data and resources to mobile devices on iPhones, Blackberries, Android Handsets via mobile browsers as well as native apps, creating a 3rd dimension of the Internet.   This 3rd dimension allows the Internet to be accessible anywhere your mobile device has a cellular connection, taking the Internet beyond our desktops and laptops.

RESTful APIs have transformed what the Internet means, allowing developers to deploy sites and applications that can be used on our desktop, laptops and mobile devices.  Now in 2012 with the growth in APIs, a new, 4th dimension is emerging, in the cars we drive.

With our personal and business lives becoming more mobile, our cars are becoming a new platform for developers to reach consumers with sites and applications, as more automobile manufacturers bring the Internet into our cars.

BMW, Ford, Toyota, Chevrolet and other major manufacturers are all bringing the World Wide Web into our cars via cellular connections and building mobile platforms that are driven using APIs.  This fourth dimension opens up a whole new world for businesses to stay in touch with their customers, and for consumers to find what they need using the Internet.

As small and medium businesses, as well as the enterprise wake up to the opportunities around APIs driving web and mobile applications, they have to be ready for an entirely new dimension of the Internet, that will be available in the cars we own and rent.

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