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Olaf van Gorp

PSD2 & Open Banking guidance: Introduction

First in a series of blogs covering PSD2 from a technical perspective and guidance on what your technical implementations could look like

Ian Goldsmith

Getting the most out of API management, Part 2

API management fills several key roles in the modern digital enterprise, this diagram explains the key components for an effective API strategy. Today we’ll look at the services that support the core layers.

Ian Goldsmith

Getting the most out of API management

To take advantage of the wide array of things that APIs can do for your company, you need to provide the right kind of supporting infrastructure for your API and app developers, architects, and operations and security teams.

Ian Goldsmith

What you think you know about APIs

With more organizations and people diving in, there’s no shortage of confusion and proclamations of just what API management really is. Where do you start?

Rod Cope

Video: APIs are the heart of enterprise growth for 2017

Listen to Rod Cope as he discusses enterprise digital transformation and how APIs are driving growth towards new markets and customers.

Ian Goldsmith

We stayed up when AWS went down

AWS had a well-documented failure of the S3 service in its US East region this week. Our Akana API Management SaaS platform is hosted in AWS, so how were we able to offer a seamless service to our customers throughout this disruption?

Ian Goldsmith

Akana Lifecycle Manager 8.0 released

Akana Lifecycle Manager 8.0 extends the Akana API Platform with a set of notable API lifecycle management features for existing customers and enterprises considering an end-to-end microservices/API management solution.

Ian McLeod

Rogue Wave Software + Akana: Strengthening the business of APIs

What the Rogue Wave Software acquisition of Akana means to customers and examples of how the combination fits into enterprise software development.

Roberto Medrano

Named a Leader in API Management Solutions

  We just announced Monday that Akana has been named a Leader in Forrester’s new report, “The Forrester Wave™: API Management Solutions, Q4 2016.” It’s very gratifying. to be acknowledged because Forrester Research is unique in their approach to assessing the market. They differentiate themselves by performing the most detailed and hands on inspection of every… Continue reading →

Roberto Medrano

Money 20/20 Takeaway: APIs are Everything

  Las Vegas was the ideal spot for last week’s Money 20/20 conference. Vegas is a great city for watching money on the move. Just strolling through the casino at the Venetian, I probably saw a quarter of a million dollars changing hands in five minutes. The funny thing, though, is that those of who… Continue reading →

Ian Goldsmith

Akana Platform 8.2 Delivers Intuitive User Experience for Enterprise API Management

We just announced the availability of the next generation of the Akana Platform, our enterprise API Management product, and we’re making a lot of noise about it.  We ran a soft launch of the 8.x platform over the last few months, and now with the new UI/UX we’ve delivered in 8.2 it’s time to start… Continue reading →

Laura Heritage

Brexit: The Future of PSD2, Open Banking APIs, FinTech and Banks

What a crazy ride the past couple of weeks have been and I don’t see it ending soon.   What am I talking about?  Brexit of course.  Brexit was the United Kingdom’s EU referendum on whether they should leave the European Union.   On June 23, Brexit went up for vote and the majority of Brits voted… Continue reading →

Roberto Medrano

APIs, PSD2, and Open Banking

When a government body identifies an opportunity that can be addressed through advancements in technology, and devises a functional plan that could lead to improvements in how organizations and society work, it’s something to be celebrated. The Revised Directive on Payment Services (PSD2) is an example of a regulation that pairs technology innovation with market… Continue reading →

Laura Heritage

The Mesh of Connectedness and Disruptive Technology Trends in Banking

Tom has a refrigerator. (Are you excited yet?) But wait. It’s not like just any old fridge. Tom’s refrigerator comes equipped with an internal camera that enables him to order and pay for any items he needs right from a built-in LCD screen in its door.  If Tom is at the store and can’t remember… Continue reading →

Laura Heritage

Where will APIs be in the Next 5 to 10 years?

Last Friday a colleague of mine from many moons ago messaged me on LinkedIn and asked me where I foresee API’s in the next 5 to 10 years.  The question really got me pondering.  Back in 2011 when the API movement first started I put together a business case to get my IBM executives to… Continue reading →

Roberto Medrano

Your Bank Wants You to Stay Home

APIs are enabling a new and better era of banking and financial services I recently participated in the office March Madness1 pool and like every year, I made my picks, paid the “commissioner” a few bucks, and hoped for the best. This year, however, something really stood out. Very little cash was exchanged. The under-30… Continue reading →

Ian Goldsmith

Designing APIs with the Akana Platform

I am really excited to tell you about the new features in the latest version of the Akana Platform that we rolled out into the cloud this weekend. There are a few really big features that truly set set us apart: API Designer – the platform now includes an all new API Designer that provides a really… Continue reading →

Laura Heritage

How Well Do You Know API Security

Test your knowledge on API Security. Determine if you are an API Security Genius, Pro, or Student and share your results with the API community.

Laura Heritage

Can You Pass This API Test?

Can you pass this API test? Take this test to see if you are an API Genius, an API Pro, or an API Student.

Laura Heritage

UK Open Banking Working Group Publishes Report Setting Out Open Banking Standard

Posted on behalf of Craig Hartwell, Regional Director Channel Sales at Akana.   First posted on LinkedIn APIs in Open Banking This week, the Open Banking Working Group (OBWG) has released a report that starts to underline the dramatic adoption of API’s in the banking sector in the coming years. The report, that can be… Continue reading →