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Olaf van Gorp

PSD2 & Open Banking: The role of API management

How API management solutions play a vital role in PSD2-compliant, secure, and resilient API interfaces for open banking

Olaf van Gorp

PSD2 & Open Banking: Leveraging the UK OB experience

How PSD2 standards help with the implementation of a dedicated interface and what we can learn from UK Open Banking experiences

Olaf van Gorp

PSD2 & Open Banking: The technical implications

The technical implications of complying to the PSD2 standard and how APIs can help

Olaf van Gorp

PSD2 & Open Banking guidance: Introduction

First in a series of blogs covering PSD2 from a technical perspective and guidance on what your technical implementations could look like

Roberto Medrano

APIs, PSD2, and Open Banking

When a government body identifies an opportunity that can be addressed through advancements in technology, and devises a functional plan that could lead to improvements in how organizations and society work, it’s something to be celebrated. The Revised Directive on Payment Services (PSD2) is an example of a regulation that pairs technology innovation with market… Continue reading →