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Simon Barere

SOA Software just released the latest version of our Policy Manager for DataPower API and SOA management solution for DataPower. It contains a new feature, Custom Policy, that is so relevant to what DataPower customers need today that I thought I would share a bit of the excitement on what it is, what it can do, and why it is so relevant for DataPower users.

To date, we have offered a number of different ways to quickly create and deploy fully functioning API and SOA services onto DataPower, and this has added a lot of value to mission critical DataPower environments. All of these methods rely on the elegance of declarative policy, managed using the policy management capabilities that our Policy Manager management platform is famous for. For many customer situations, this may hit the spot, and we may declare victory, high fives all around.

But the complexity of the environments that DataPower lives in rarely lets us off that easily. Customer feedback has told us that there are always situations where special, custom behavior is needed on DataPower. Perhaps a AAA policy that integrates with a proprietary security system. Perhaps an internal transaction auditing solution that needs to write data to an Oracle database.

But customers told us that in this special case of custom behaviors, they don’t want to lose the out-of-box policy features they depend on from us, not to mention the DataPower automation and the easy sharing of DataPower policy they rely on on a daily basis across their DataPower API and SOA services. Is there an intersection, they wondered, between the ability to use SOA Software’s policy features with the ability to let them contribute their own custom behaviors on DataPower?

Enter Custom Policy. Using simple configuration alongside XSLT and BeanShell scripting, we let DataPower customers have it their way. If you need to do something special on DataPower, but you also need full management and automation over your DataPower services, our new Custom Policy feature has your name on it. If in your DataPower environments today you depend on a number of key behaviors to run your services, imagine how tomorrow you can realize all those same behaviors – security, monitoring, mediation, integration, and so on – but now in a fully automated and managed environment. Custom Policy lets you do this. It lets you use simple but powerful scripting to tell DataPower what you want it to do, for one or for all of your services, all using native DataPower functionality.

DataPower Custom Policy

Custom Policy redefines what is possible on DataPower. What is most exciting about Custom Policy is that we let you have it your way. Use your imagination to have DataPower do whatever you need it to do, or simply have it do what it is already doing for you today. But now fully managed, fully automated. Across all your SOA services. And across all your APIs. Deployed to DataPower in as little as 15 seconds.

DataPower Custom Policy Handler

What I like most about Custom Policy is that it empowers you to solve all the challenges you need to solve, but without forcing you down ad-hoc methods that go against the grain of a smooth running DataPower environment. We know that you have a lot of things competing for your time in your DataPower environments. Ensuring a well-managed DataPower service lifecycle shouldn’t be one of them. Now that is worth a high five.

Are you ready for some high fives? Let us know what kinds of things you are doing on DataPower, and how we can help. We promise you can have it your way.

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