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Roberto Medrano

We’ve been actively encouraging our stakeholders to take advantage of our API Management Platform to develop APIs and initiate an evolution in their applications that will enable them to become successful by capitalizing on existing assets. One of the things we’ve tried to communicate is the fact that API development can be relatively easy, even when done collaboratively with third-party developers. But we also know that, depending on the application, and on the different scenarios that you’re solving for, things can rapidly become complex, and possibly even overwhelming. This necessitates having the right framework in which to manage your APIs.

We’ve been fortunate in being able to partner with Red Hat to enable our customers to benefit from  using JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform’s ESB solutions to plan, build and operate their SOA & API environments. This will create a secure management and governance infrastructure for any API development project, and will ultimately enable them to extend their APIs to other users, partners and customers as well.

Our  API management product enables software developers to quickly determine the needed steps required for their projects, and it has built-in flexibility functionality to allow for versioning and changes during the development lifecycle. But we’re finding that for some who are embarking on really complicated integration, the issues of end-to-end governance for API SLAs, general security issues and policy compliance all take on additional importance. Using Red Hat’s JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform in conjunction with SOA Software’s solutions, our customers are able to cut development time and increase product functionality due to these solutions:

•Portfolio management of enterprise services regardless of delivery platform
•Uniform lifecycle and policy governance across existing platform investments
•Lifecycle Management workflow to implement building permit process
•Ensure interoperability with other platforms
•Seamless, heterogeneous SOA Governance, Security and Management integration with JBoss Middleware infrastructure
•Performance and reliability management
•Interoperability across disparate partners and platforms
•Integrated provisioning and lifecycle management
•Inter-departmental consumer contract provisioning and negotiation
•Standards support for Governance automation (UDDIv3, WS-MEX)
•Trust enablement and trust mediation

Ultimately, we are only as successful as our customers are. And we recognize that while we have a leading edge API management platform, we can service the varying needs of our large customer base by extending functionality to and from our partners.

I invite you to learn more about our relationship with Red Hat [http://www.soa.com/solutions/jboss/jboss_soa_governance/ ], and find out how to create and manage your APIs with SOA Software go here

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