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Ian Goldsmith

We just announced the availability of the next generation of the Akana Platform, our enterprise API Management product, and we’re making a lot of noise about it.  We ran a soft launch of the 8.x platform over the last few months, and now with the new UI/UX we’ve delivered in 8.2 it’s time to start showing the world what API Management can really look like.

You can check out the press release for a description of the key additions to the platform.  I’m just going to cover a couple of the more exciting UI/UX changes here.

In version 8.1 we began adding more of the API development and administration features from the API Gateway UI into our developer portal, as a move towards delivering a single consolidated UI – the simple reality is that app developers are often API developers, and vice-versa, and so it doesn’t make sense to ask them to use different interfaces for designing, developing, documenting, publishing, and consuming APIs.  In 8.2 we have added the ability for API developers to build process orchestrations, and for administrators to manage deployment location and certificates.  This now means that you can work through the design, development, documentation, deployment, management, and publishing of your APIs through a single UI.

More on orchestration later, first I want to talk about the new look and feel.  In 8.2 we have added a new UI theme called Hermosa.  This theme combines a modern, readily brandable style, with easy navigation and rich features.


We have added graphical elements to make it easier for administrators to manage the deployment of API endpoints across a global infrastructure:

Deployment Zones

And the ability to easily manage policy attachments and see which policies are applied to an API.


Policy Attachment

Maybe the most significant piece of functionality that is now available through the developer portal UI is the ability to edit and manage orchestrations for each operation.



This means that API developers can now create mock APIs, perform sophisticated mediation activities, and build complex integration scenarios, all without having to leave the developer portal UI.  This save time, and more importantly, reduces the likelihood of making errors.

Overall, the release of 8.2 is a milestone for the Akana Platform, and is something we are all very excited about here at Akana.  To check it out, please visit us at www.akana.com and signup for a free trial.

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