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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Laura Heritage

Invoice that API Please

First lets start off by clarifying not all APIs requires you to charge for their usage to bring value to your company. There are many different business models for APIs beyond the developer pays.   In fact, the developer pays makes up a very small percentage of the APIs in the market today.   For the remainder… Continue reading →

Laura Heritage

Identify Problems with Your APIs Before Your Customers Do

A customer in Boston opens a ticket on your API for poor performance. Another customer in New York opens a ticket on that same API, saying it is completely down. However, your platform monitors tell you everything is fine with your API. You spend hours on the phone trying to convince the customers it is… Continue reading →

Sachin Agarwal

API Security gaining maturity, but don’t get complacent

APIs are a pillar of emerging digital transformation initiatives within enterprises. They provide the digital connectivity between the growing number of constituents in the digital economy, enabling enterprises to open up their business models to new and often disruptive initiatives. These include mobile, Internet of Things (IoT) access and embedded-in-partner applications. As with any new… Continue reading →