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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Laura Heritage

FHIR® API Accelerates Healthcare’s Digital Transformation

The healthcare industry is going through a digital transformation.   Healthcare records are increasingly becoming digitized to ensure that patients’ electronic health records are available, discoverable and understandable as people move around the healthcare eco-system. Healthcare is one industry where the Internet of Things is not just for fun, but rather a life-saving, life-sustaining measure. Along… Continue reading →

Ryan Bagnulo

Mitigating the Top Five Common API Weaknesses

Akana recently surveyed over 200 architects, managers and DevOps experts about their API security practices, and it is clear from the below graphic that many are seeking advice and a solution to mitigate a wide array of API attack vectors as they attempt to do business in the public cloud securely. 1. Man/Bot-In-The-Middle / Session… Continue reading →