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Roberto Medrano

Enterprise API Essentials 101

All over the globe, school is back in session. While you may not actually be seeking additional credits or loftier academic degrees, we all tend to neglect taking time out to increase our awareness and education for its own sake. As APIs continue to dominate the language of business and IT, we want to make you aware of some resources you can use, for free, that will bring you up to speed on what enterprise APIs have to offer, how they can be used, and how your organization can see major rewards from employing an effective API strategy.

It certainly is true that we just don’t take the time to learn because we’re so heads-down in just “doing”. It becomes easy to stick with what we know, but summertime does gives us a reminder that slowing down and looking around will usually present some interesting opportunities.

We’re talking about APIs all the time, and our website is loaded with best practices, knowledge and resources to help you become smarter about how APIs can impact your business. But for the purposes of convenience, we’ve chosen some key pieces that should help you understand how APIs work, how to prepare for development and sharing of APIs, and what you can expect when you secure and monetize your APIs. So herewith is the essential list of API Back to School reading list:


1. Learn how one company is creating a better operational environment and extending their data with APIs:

Case Study: HealthDirect Australia: Anytime, Anywhere Health Data Access

Healthdirect Australia produces a comprehensive directory of services including doctors, pharmacies, hospitals and emergency departments. The data must be available anytime, anywhere throughout Australia to the numerous agency websites that require it. To make this happen, Healthdirect Australia uses SOA Software’s API Gateway to republish its SOAP services from the back-end application as REST APIs for consumption by widgets and other applications.


2. Watch this on-demand webcast:

Webcast: Enterprise API Adoption Patterns

Large enterprises have been quick to embrace the concept of APIs, leveraging them as a connective tissue that powers all interactions between their customers, partners and employees. In this session, Laura Heritage, Principal Solutions Architect at SOA Software, will talk about the most common enterprise API patterns and will discuss how enterprises can successfully launch an API program.

Enterprise Adoption

3. Learn about how API security is an essential component of your digital strategy:

White Paper: API Security: A Guide to Securing Your Digital Channels

Security is an essential element of any organization’s API strategy. While API security shares a lot of aspects that are common to both web site security and network security, it is also fundamentally different both in terms of usage patterns as well as the unique areas of additional risks that APIs are susceptible to. This paper helps you understand the necessary components of a well-constructed API security strategy.

API security WP

4. Your internal developers may be your biggest asset:

Webinar: Powering Internal API Communities

The enterprise has learned from the consumer API movement and recognized the value of creating developer communities to drive the adoption and productive use of APIs. Building an API community internally, however, requires a different approach from what has worked in the consumer space. This webinar explores the challenges and best practices in building an internal API community that serves an enterprise’s business and technological goals.

Powering internal communities

5. Optimize your efforts to expose your data through APIs:

On-Demand Webcast: Securing Digital Channels and Mobile Apps Against Hacks

Though forward-thinking and strategic, exposing APIs also increases the surface area for potential attack by hackers. To benefit from APIs while staying secure, enterprises and security architects need to continue to develop a deep understanding about API security and how it differs from traditional web application security or mobile application security.

Securing digital channels webcast

6. Understand how SOA and APIs are complimentary

Blog: Three Reasons Why SOA Makes API Adoption Easier

There are a lot of questions surrounding the connection between SOA and APIs. While note one and the same, they do support each other with a framework that is optimized for interaction, integration and transaction of data.


7. Get started!

Videos: Getting Started with Creating and Consuming APIs

Four videos from  Laura Heritage (SOA Software’s Director of API Strategy) describes, in four videos, how to publish, configure, consume, and collaborate with your enterprise API efforts.


At this point, you should be well-versed in the language, trends and key elements of an enterprise API strategy. School is back in session, so time to hit the books!

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