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Roberto Medrano

If you’ve been in tech for any length of time, chances are you’ve worked for IBM, worked for a company that was acquired by IBM, or your job is predicated upon successfully using IBM products. No matter how IBM has been a part of what you do, there aren’t many who can deny the incredible impact that Big Blue has had on business and technology innovation.

IBM is an interesting organization, and is worthy of study by large companies and small start-ups. This is true for a lot of reasons. Did you know that IBM was an integral player in putting a man on the moon? Or that they invented the floppy disk. Few know that in 1953, one year before the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Brown vs. Board of Education, and before any other major American corporation did this, IBM made it a policy to be an equal opportunity employer. Even now, after IBM eBusiness initiatives, IBM is helping create sustainable solutions for all manner of technology and business issues with their Smarter Planetinitiative.

At a time when many companies were opting to stick with platform-specific models, IBM stayed agnostic and focused on what was best for the customer. In that spirit, they’ve driven some of the most interesting innovations in enterprise technology. And yes, they’re big and octupus-like in all the aspects of technology that the influence, but in our experience, that’s been a huge advantage for our own success.

We’re fortunate at SOA Software because we’ve been able to forge an important partnership with IBM as an Advanced Partner over the past few years, and that relationship has meant that we reach more customers and enable better solutions. IBM and SOA Software are tightly joined to provide solutions for SOA governance and API management. When you consider the breadth of IBM’s enterprise foundation products, and their commitment to SOA, it’s easy to see how our joint offerings provide customers with a truly comprehensive framework for application management.

The basis for our relationship is WebSphere, although we also integrate with Tivoli, Rational and others. We’ve created a ready-to-use SOA governance automation suite(Portfolio Manager, Repository Manager, Policy Manager and Service Manager) that enables our customers and IBM’s WebSphere customers to automate their SOA framework from conception to consumption, and it can be done without exhaustive and complicated integration and development cycles. SOA Software’s products support and promote common unified SOA Governance patterns, and enable the consistent execution of these patterns with the IBM platform.  They offer the added benefit that there is no requirement to introduce another non-IBM platform in order to support comprehensive governance.

We also recognize the inherent opportunities for those who have created a robust SOA environment using IBM WebSphere and our governance automation suite. Once that commitment has been made, there’s a logical extension that can be made to use the service assets in the form of APIs. With those APIs, organizations can broadly extend their offerings and reach. Our API management product, combines the best elements of collaboration, security, analytics and automation together to form an industry leading enterprise API management solution. Automation is one of the keys to this pattern as many of the services that will become APIs are hosted by the IBM SOA foundation.

We’re proud to call IBM our partner, and we’re having a great time at IBM Impact 2012. Being here, talking with colleagues, making new connections; it’s a wonderful reminder of the benefits of doing business with the best, highest quality organizations.

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