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Ian Goldsmith

Getting the most out of API management

To take advantage of the wide array of things that APIs can do for your company, you need to provide the right kind of supporting infrastructure for your API and app developers, architects, and operations and security teams.

Ryan Bagnulo

Rapid Mobile App to API integration

Wireframes for user interface design are still a good idea when communicating requirements to others, however lately I would rather create them as a HTML5 prototype that is usable across heterogeneous devices with various screen sizes and resolutions. One such tool that I prefer is from Appery.io, which is a browser based jQuery and PhoneGap… Continue reading →

Roberto Medrano

Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail

The need to effectively utilize APIs is increasingly becoming a critical need for organizations that rely on software to run their business. New revenue channels can easily be created, and integration with partner and customer services is much easier with enterprise APIs, and forward-thinking organizations understand that it’s crucial for them to become smart about… Continue reading →