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Roberto Medrano

When all the talk of security, scalability, manageability and all the other aspects of software is done, we can get the heart of the matter – developers. There may be a group of MBAs who spend months with PowerPoint and Excel to plan something really big, but it’s the software developers who execute and create. And so for them, we are delivering SOA Software Open  which is the first and only true community and marketplace that developers can use to run, connect and promote their APIs to the public. 

There are two essential elements to Open, and this is why we created it: 1) we recognize that as the primary enabler of the API economy, it’s incumbent upon us to provide a forum for our customers to market and deliver their APIs, and 2) developers learn and work best in an environment that promotes interaction and support and an innovative online community is the best way to provide this.

The essence of Open is that is enables developers by allowing them to connect with published APIs, and add their own APIs for their own continued development or collaboration with others. It’s a public, free-of-charge playground where developers can engage with one another to create innovative apps around open and private APIs, and find relevant APIs for developers to find and use in their apps. From what we’ve heard from our customers and partners, the combination of our powerful API management solutions (as seen in EAP – our Enterprise API Management Platform) along with a social community will be a huge factor in their ability to be successful at increasing API usage and adding new revenue channels. 

Through SOA Software Open, API developers will be able to:

          – Publish and promote their APIs through the SOA Software Open community for other developers to use.

          – Enable Search by indexing their API content (name, description, docs, discussions and tickets) so that App developers can easily find the API, together with supporting information to help them use it.

          – Add OAuth (or other security features and mechanisms) to their APIs.

          – Proxy their APIs to add security, monitoring, provisioning, QoS management and more.  Or simply use Open to provide the social and search features they need.

Like any really good software development community, Open is intended to “let a thousand flowers bloom”; if we enable developers by offering valuable tools and support mechanisms, then each developer has an opportunity to have his/her API exposed to a huge community of other API providers. Doing this vastly increases the possibility of usage, but also for potential revenue. Open will ultimately be a true marketplace where developers can search and locate the APIs that will help them deliver a comprehensive and useful product to their own customers. But rather than being simply a bazaar of people selling their goods, it will also be a supportive, collaborative environment, which will give developers the opportunity to increase their odds of success.

SOA Software Open provides app developers with an incredible array of tools and services:

          – Community: developers can collaborate with other developers to build apps, ask questions, search existing discussions and tickets, follow users, APIs, apps or groups, build their own groups, or just quietly lurk to learn more. 

          – Documentation: it will have documentation on APIs and product, and developers will be able to create interactive documents for their own API, or create and upload their own documents.

          – Monitoring: community members can see how their API or app is performing and where their traffic is coming from with our real-time dashboard, historic charts, and reports.

          – Debugging: the ability to identify and track issues so you can fix problems before they impact your customers.

          – Test Client: developers will be able to send test messages to see how the security (including OAuth) works, and what the request and response messages should look like.

SOA Software Open should prove to be a major game-changer in the way that APIs and apps are developed, distributed and used. Check it out.

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