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Roberto Medrano

In 2014, we achieved impressive growth for SOA Software

When we coined the term “API Economy“, we were talking about APIs being integrated and used to drive better digital business. It was a concept ahead of its time, but now APIs sit in the middle of all of the digital activity whether they are Apps, cloud, integration, internet of things, Software defined SDX, etc., and because of SOA Software’s place in all of this, we had a truly fantastic year. In 2014, SOA Software grew 90% and has established us as the primary API management, API security, and SOA governance vendor in the world. Recently I posted my 2015 predictions for the API Planet driving the API Economy.

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We have seen rapid growth on many fronts over the past few years, and 2014’s successes were a result of our thoughtful strategic planning and increased brand recognition. This didn’t just happen, though. With some of the world’s most valuable brands relying on our products to run their businesses, we have taken great measures to ensure that we innovate to help our customers be wildly successful. Our focus on product excellence was recognized repeatedly in 2014, as was our innovation in solution strategy. All across the globe, from our headquarters in Los Angeles to our offices in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, the SOA Software team was dedicated to delivering to the market the best platform and solutions for application management and security, and in looking back over the past year one can see how we laid the foundation for growth:


One of our company’s guiding principles is creating a strong relationship with our customers. We work closely with them to understand their business and technology needs, and then deliver solutions that will help them differentiate themselves and realize actual economic value. We grew our customer base dramatically in 2014, we now work closely with, and deliver solutions to these valued customers:

  • 4 of the top 5 banks in the United States
  • 2 of the 5 largest global insurance companies
  • 4 of the 5 largest global pharmaceutical companies
  • 2 of the top 3 airline companies in the United States
  • The top 2 industrial engineering companies in the world
  • 2 of the 5 largest global media companies
  • The world’s largest shipping company
  • 1 of the top 2 United States railroads
  • The largest telecom company in the United States
  • The largest defense contractor in the United States
  • The largest private pension plan in the United States

Product Innovation

Part of the fun of being at SOA Software is being involved with the “innovation factory” mindset we have throughout the company. Our team absorbs just about everything that is going on in the fields of cloud application integration, API management, API security and API analytics, and we are always looking for ways to improve what we can deliver to our customers. Doing this has led to some pretty awesome advancements in what we deliver, and how we are perceived.

We have leveraged our deep history in SOA governance and management to create the strongest API management solution, and we can now help customers deliver APIs as productized services.  In 2014 we achieved a leadership position in what is now known as Application Services Governance and became recognized as THE API platform vendor. We were recognized for being, according to the Forrester Wave report on API Management Solutions, “…the most consistently strong across all of our primary evaluation criteria.”

Our product set constitutes the most comprehensive platform for all elements of the API lifecycle, and this is demonstrated in how widely and broadly our platform is used in different industries and with all types of enterprise customers. We achieved PCI-DSS 3.0 validation this year which makes us better equipped to integrate APIs and cloud apps for financial services and credit card payment companies. This alone means that we will have a greater impact on the trillions of online payment transactions happening through digital channels. Our support for multi-API description languages means that API development teams will be able to use the SOA Software Enterprise API Platform to generate apps and APIs with RAML, Swagger, WSDL and WADL. That means greater flexibility and enhanced reach into more development environments.

We included new ways of supporting and managing DevOps automation and released an API Catalog to help customers drive adoption inside of the enterprise.  With a vertical focus on bio-pharma, we enhanced our metadata management capabilities, and introduced a comprehensive set of REST APIs supporting the creation, updating and role-based review of governed IT assets such as services, APIs and apps

Establishing the API Platform

When you consider our customers, and what they’re doing with our products, you can see that we have created opportunities and potential for any enterprise to build valuable digital channels. That’s been our purpose all along. While some vendors provide pieces of this, we have been identified as having the most comprehensive solution, and in 2014 we truly established ourselves as providing THE API Platform.

We used feedback from customers and analysts to update our product packaging and organization so we now focus on API analytics, developer engagement, application gateway services, service integration, and overall lifecycle management. Community Manager unites API providers and app developers and provides them an online environment to publish, document, promote and support APIs and apps. API Gateway streamlines the management, deployment, development, and overall security management for all API and app needs. Analytics are provided with EnVision, a new product that provides deep insight into a customer’s digital business and API usage and performance, and Lifecycle Manager provides a way for enterprises to collaborate on business, development, IT and app integration needs so that APIs can be created to specifically address the needs of companies and users.

When we think about API trends, we feel fortunate that our ongoing innovation and focus on usability means that we are not just starting at square one. Because we stay on top of customer needs and market demands, we will again realize the potential of these trends and continue to deliver impactful solutions.


All the work we put into creating an outstanding company is validated through this kind of tremendous growth, but it is certainly satisfying to see it recognized as well. One of our proudest achievements in 2014 was being named as a “Leader” by Forrester Research, Inc. in its report, The Forrester Wave™: API Management Solutions, Q3 2014. In it, Forrester made specific mention of our overall solution as being:

“…the most consistently strong across all of our primary evaluation criteria, and it was the only solution to at least partially fulfill all of the five added-value features we examined. The solution’s standout features are life-cycle management, federation to support multi-provider API scenarios, and an integrated core of service management capability. It is among the best in its portal, security, API design and creation, and product architecture.”

TMC gave Community Manager the “2014 Communications Solution Product of the Year“, Microsoft honored as by naming us as a “Most Promising Microsoft Solution Provider“, and we were mentioned numerous times in analyst reports for having both exemplary point solutions as well as an excellent overall, comprehensive platform.  In the previous year Gartner positioned us as one of the leaders in Application Services Governance (2013).

We participated in more than 60 major industry events across the globe; opened new offices in Silicon Valley, Germany and Sweden; delivered dozens of widely-attended webinars, and continued to publish one of the most recognized blogs about API management. These are things we work towards every single day, but when you step back and look at how they’ve all come together, it’s quite easy to see how all this effort leads to being recognized for continued excellence.

I was honored to be named by HITEC as a “Top 100 Hispanic in the IT Industry” for my contributions to IT and technology companies, and by ExecReps as the #12 top CMO in the world, in the same company as CMOs from Apple, Wal-Mart, Microsoft and Nike. While I’m thrilled and honored to receive these accolades, I can honestly say that what we achieve at SOA Software is a result of a driven, focused, smart team of people who want to build something great. Every day is a learning experience around here, and I am so proud to be a part of this fantastic team.

I look forward to working with this wonderful group, and with all of you, in 2015. Fight On to victory!

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  1. The uses of new technologies has been always very linked to the american economy, as with the leader and pioneer in many fields, Silicon Valley. As the market is settled now a days it is very likely that the US will maintain this leadership in the coming future.

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