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    Roberto Medrano

    When creating an SOA-based architecture, it’s nearly impossible to anticipate all the potential needs a customer might have. There are so many aspects to this type of framework, and when implementing it, one needs to consider an entire range of elements: security, policy management, proxy validation, pattern definition and others. Naturally, as providers of SOA governance and API management products, our goal is to address problems in this space, but we also want to do so in a way that’s easy for our customers to consume and use.

    So in an effort to provide a simple, usable solution, SOA Software has partnerered with IBM to provide our customers with a ready-to-use SOA governance solution; in essence, we’ve created a completely new version of Policy Manager and optimized it for use with IBM’s WebSphere DataPower product. By using this, customers will have access to a rich set of features that will enable a more comprehensive set of tools to address the potentially huge number of issues they need to address en route to constructing their SOA environment.

    The investment we made to ensure tight integration with IBM WebSphere DataPower means that customers of Policy Manager can do things like control the DataPower Appliance directly from the Policy Manager console, and it allows them to use and manage DataPower as the runtime engine, while Policy Manager is used as the source for service and policy information for reporting and monitoring. It’s part of our whole “Ready-to-use” SOA governance solution that builds on our extensive experience integrating SOA run time components and reduces administrative overhead.  Policy Manager for DataPower also ensures consistent policy and service definition.   DataPower customers can turbo charge their DataPower-based SOA infrastructure with an increasingly rich set of features such as automated deployment, contracts, advanced policy management, security, and PKI management. 

    Another cool thing we’ve done with this new version of Policy Manager is to improve our IBM offering by codifying a number of proven patterns that deploy services to DataPower appliances using a policy-based approach.  We have taken our best practices from the field and packaged them into an appliance-specific solution.  Our goal is to help enterprises benefit from DataPower appliances as core instruments of SOA governance.

    Policy Manager will change the way that organizations construct and configure their DataPower implementation, and it will make that process easier. It will also allow developers to focus more on customized processing development while leaving much of the heavy lifting to Policy Manager. Many of the requirements we used to create Policy Manager for DataPower are based on best practices learned directly from our customers and partners. From what we’ve learned from them, we’re confident that this new product is delivering the best product on the market to address SOA governance. Ultimately, this new solution allows you to be able to implement and enforce consistent, uniform policies throughout their infrastructure, and provides visibility into enterprise service usage, performance, and availability from network edge to application.

    Among other things, Policy Manager for DataPower helps with the following:

    • Service deployment and metadata configuration
    • Automated policy management
    • Cluster management patterns
    • Guidelines for SLA monitoring
    • Centralized cryptographic key and certificate management

    We not only integrate with IBM DataPower but we many other IBM WebSphere, Rational ant Tivoli products. We have a section on our site dedicated to our relationship with IBM http://www.soa.com/ibm  where you can learn more about what we’re doing with IBM. For our products enhancing IBM DataPower go here

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