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Roberto Medrano

San Francisco was overrun with developers and API heads this week as the API World conference held the attention of those who make their living planning, creating and managing APIs.

We were at API World this week, a conference dedicated to a huge array of API related issues and trends that included execs, developers, engineers and innovators. Many conferences give you a chance to get on board with the latest trends, but API World was particularly interesting because of the breadth of topics presented, and the variety of people we got to engage with.

SOA Software had a major presence at the event. First, we were a proud sponsor; we feel strongly that events like this encourage open discussion about issues that make the API Economy stronger and more usable for everyone’s ecosystem.  Our booth was also the recipient of an incredible amount of attention – developers and strategists spent time talking with Sachin, Alistair, Ashishme and others on our team about their plans for API implementation. We love to have these opportunities to engage with people in an informal setting; the exchange of ideas and conversation flow reminds us why we’re in this business.

Alistair and I also spoke and participated in panels in these sessions:

Alistair Farquharson, CTO, Speaker Sessions

  • APIs for Mobile App Development: A Soup to Nuts Analysis
  • Unified Security across Mobile, Web, Cloud and APIs

Roberto Medrano, EVP, Speaker Session

  • Leading API Vendors

If you’ve watched our recent announcements and blog content, you’ve seen that we’ve been making great leaps in leading the way for mobile and cloud-based enterprise API management, and API World gave us an opportunity to explain in greater detail. Here’s a little primer to help you understand the topics we spoke on and how we think about important enterprise API issues:

Mobile API and Application Development:

API Security:

  • OAuth Server: when interacting with other apps and APIs, OAuth is the most flexible and usable solution.
  • What is OAuth: video that explains OAuth and how you can apply it.
  • Sharing Data Securely: explains what’s necessary to provide security and authentication capabilities.

API Management and API Gateway:

We hope you have an opportunity to connect with us at an event some time. We’ll be at AppsWorld Europe later in October, and more events as we head into winter. If you can’t visit us in person, join us for one of our archived webinars, or contact us directly.

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