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Alistair Farquharson

With the release of API Management product, SOA Software is now in the API business. With this blog, I’ll cover issues that go along with API management, such as security, mobile strategies, virtualization, policies, and the state of the API market.

But first, let’s talk about the elephant in the room.

We acknowledge that not everyone will see APIs as a natural evolution of our SOA business. APIs are agile and cutting-edge, some might say, while SOA is more traditional and established. Although there may be a perception that they are fundamentally different in terms of scope, we see them as complementary.

SOA advocates can rest easy because APIs actually build on work that they’ve done. APIs focus on revenue generation and channel creation, while SOA has a (perhaps less tangible) message around cost savings and reuse. But these aren’t mutually exclusive — they can blend together so that APIs actually serve to improve your SOA. APIs sharpen the focus in SOA, meeting business goals and bolstering enterprise strategies.

For those who don’t particularly care for SOA, the good news is that SOA Software API Management doesn’t need to be tied to SOA to bring business benefits. That’s the beauty of it: if you’re utilizing SOA, you don’t need to change direction to get into APIs, and if you just want to focus on API Management only, you can.

It might look like we’re radically changing our business, that we’re suddenly getting into API management and eschewing our existing model. There is a reason we didn’t take a different path and create a whole new company instead of combining the new with the old – it’s because we think that SOA provides us and our customers  a solid backbone for API Management, and we want to prove it.

Make no mistake, we’re not only aware of the elephant, but are happy to have it.  We hope that you will be, too.

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