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Category Archives: API Management

Ian Goldsmith

Rogue Wave a leader in Forrester Wave™

This summer, we were one of the vendors that responded to the research requests for The Forrester Wave™: API Management Solutions, Q4 2018. This research project is led by Forrester’s vice president and principal analyst for application delivery and development, Randy Heffner, with whom I recently chatted about microservices and microgateways in a webinar. Randy’s… Continue reading →

Ian Goldsmith

Microgateway mistakes

Just to be clear, I’m going to be talking about mistakes you can make with a microgateway, not micro mistakes you can make with a gateway. Yes, that’s a bit pedantic, but it’s a distinction worth noting. In a few weeks, I’ll be sitting down with Randy Heffner from Forrester Research for a webinar to… Continue reading →

Ryan Bagnulo

The T-Mobile data breach and mitigating API security risks

In late August, T-Mobile announced that data for more than two million T-Mobile customers was accessed in a coordinated exploitation of an improperly secured API. While they state that no banking or social security numbers were exposed, the following types of personally identifiable information (PII) were breached: name, billing zip code, phone number, email address,… Continue reading →

Ryan Bagnulo

Securing the microservices mesh with an API Gateway

Securing the microservices mesh with an API Gateway is a best practice. These tables compare Akana API Gateway to the open source solution Istio Sidecars in the features that should be critical components of an organization’s API strategy.

Ian Goldsmith

API Gateway as an integration server

In my last post, I gave a brief history of integration technologies and explained why you need an integration server. In this post, I explain how an API Gateway fills the integration role better than any other technology today, including the differences between an ESB and API Gateway, along with scenarios where you should (and… Continue reading →

Ian Goldsmith

A brief history of integration technologies: From EAI to API Gateways

Walking through the evolution enterprise integration technologies, and how an API Gateway fills the role better than existing solutions.

Ian Goldsmith

Using an API developer portal as a service catalog

Ian Goldsmith explains the key criteria for making a good API developer portal

Olaf van Gorp

PSD2 & Open Banking: The role of API management

How API management solutions play a vital role in PSD2-compliant, secure, and resilient API interfaces for open banking

Olaf van Gorp

PSD2 & Open Banking: Leveraging the UK OB experience

How PSD2 standards help with the implementation of a dedicated interface and what we can learn from UK Open Banking experiences

Ian Goldsmith

APIs inside the enterprise

APIs can do more than expose capabilities to external devs, now they’re used inside the enterprise to deliver on traditional integration and SOA solutions

Ian Goldsmith

API proxy or gateway?

Before we can even begin to debate whether you’re better off with an API proxy or an API gateway we should probably describe what they are and what they do, and try to get to the fundamental difference between them. Gently paraphrasing Wikipedia, a proxy is something that acts as an intermediary, making requests on… Continue reading →

Olaf van Gorp

PSD2 & Open Banking: The technical implications

The technical implications of complying to the PSD2 standard and how APIs can help

Olaf van Gorp

PSD2 & Open Banking guidance: Introduction

First in a series of blogs covering PSD2 from a technical perspective and guidance on what your technical implementations could look like

Ian Goldsmith

Getting the most out of API management, Part 2

API management fills several key roles in the modern digital enterprise, this diagram explains the key components for an effective API strategy. Today we’ll look at the services that support the core layers.

Ian Goldsmith

Getting the most out of API management

To take advantage of the wide array of things that APIs can do for your company, you need to provide the right kind of supporting infrastructure for your API and app developers, architects, and operations and security teams.

Ian Goldsmith

What you think you know about APIs

With more organizations and people diving in, there’s no shortage of confusion and proclamations of just what API management really is. Where do you start?

Rod Cope

Video: APIs are the heart of enterprise growth for 2017

Listen to Rod Cope as he discusses enterprise digital transformation and how APIs are driving growth towards new markets and customers.

Ian Goldsmith

We stayed up when AWS went down

AWS had a well-documented failure of the S3 service in its US East region this week. Our Akana API Management SaaS platform is hosted in AWS, so how were we able to offer a seamless service to our customers throughout this disruption?

Ian Goldsmith

Akana Lifecycle Manager 8.0 released

Akana Lifecycle Manager 8.0 extends the Akana API Platform with a set of notable API lifecycle management features for existing customers and enterprises considering an end-to-end microservices/API management solution.

Ian McLeod

Rogue Wave Software + Akana: Strengthening the business of APIs

What the Rogue Wave Software acquisition of Akana means to customers and examples of how the combination fits into enterprise software development.