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Roberto Medrano

It used to be that companies employing the website visibility tactic of search engine optimization (SEO) could allow this to form the entirety of their online marketing strategy. Targeted visitors would come pouring into their site just based on the keywords. Even in the early days of the most popular application programming interfaces (APIs) – such as Adobe or RealPlayer codecs – the keyword was all that mattered for news of the product to spread, and a continuous and dependable stream of traffic to patronize your websites and interact with your APIs.

The days of relying solely on SEO are long gone.  Businesses must expand to the social arena if they want to reap the benefits of online marketing. There are so many APIs out there vying for attention that it will be daunting to try to target a single keyword without the benefit of a developer community of App programmers. Most people won’t even be aware of the keyword-name of a new API. A developer community like the kind enabled by SOA Software API Management Platform, for example, has an internal search function and catalog of APIs that promotes visibility as soon as the business structures the API it just built, documents it and finally publishes it in a safe haven of security.

Taking Advantage of the SOA Software API Management Club

Allowing APIs into the social media world is highly beneficial to a business for another reason: the diversification protects it from Google search engine algorithm changes, which would even affect SOA Software API Management’s  internal search functions, because fewer people may be able to find the community for chosen keyword searches. However, if the social network is robust, information would continue to propagate throughout this medium, without being subject to the whims of the search engine. When using developer community software such as SOA Software API management platform, there are several very good methods for maximizing the tools socialization has to offer:

  • If you’re an API developer, the first thing to do after securing all the software tweaks and developer community protocol requirements is to simply network. This theme runs throughout all social media-driven campaigns, and doesn’t change in the tech-sphere. Active participation in the developer community, whether it means helping other programmers troubleshoot problems of their own with  which you might be familiar through experience, or promulgating your application programming interfaces in private and semi-private connections.
  • In the continued interest of socialization, you can also take a proactive approach by issuing invitations to App developers and other API programmers within the SOA Software API Management platform software community, instead of waiting for them to find you through the powerful search feature.
  • Social media is all about organization and networking, of course. As such, it is only academic that SOA Software API Management platform  would include the capability to keep abreast of all the developments of fellow community members. A private dashboard informs you of current ongoing discussions, comments, and any other form of interaction you choose to be made aware of concerning the business groups you’re actively following. The dashboard is highly-customizable, as one would expect.
  • Lastly: building and maintaining forum profiles is a method of SEO that has always worked very well in the pre-API environment, when application programming interfaces were made by only giant companies. Forums in a developer community can be one of the most informative and useful places to interact; answering and asking questions, learning about upcoming new products, etc. Forums are what drive the principles of access and development that are central to a good developer community.
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