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Roberto Medrano

We’ll be spending the remainder of this week in beautiful, historical Stockholm for the Nordic APIs conference, where we are a sponsor, presenter and participant. The lineup is impressive, and it’s a unique opportunity for us to engage with our Northern European stakeholders and customers. Some of us are fans of ligonberries and gherken, so of course it’s a special treat to be able to sample Swedish cuisine. I’m experimental, but I’ll stick with the meatballs and coffee.

SOA Software has a broad presence all across Europe, and we’ve been fortunate to have developed a solid footing in the Nordic region. Our Cophenhagen-based team is run by two experienced enterprise software executives, Peter Lau Hansen and Mads Vanggaard who have brought the message of comprehensive API lifecycle management to some of the world’s largest companies. At the Nordic API conference, we’ll have the opportunity to not just meet and connect with our users and stakeholders, but we’ll also get to learn from these companies about what is important to them in their quest to use APIs to grow and manage successful businesses.

Andy Jones (EMEA Technical Director for SOA Software) speaking at Nordic APIs

The Nordic region has always been an early adopter of innovative technology solutions, and this is reflected in how our customers and partners use SOA Software for SOA governance and API management. From very early on, we found a willingness by our Northern European customers to use mobile apps as a channel for their business and as a way to reach a broader audience, which, at the time they began doing this, came with no small amount of risk. The upside was massive reach and customer acquisition, but if security was compromised or the user experience was lacking, the company’s reputation was in jeopardy.

But with engagement with our consulting and product teams, our Nordic stakeholders have done some interesting things with their businesses. Our API Gateway is providing easy API deployment, integration, mediation and security elements for a variety of financial services, transportation and media companies. Mobile Application Gateway provides a way for these customers to externalize apps, services and data for mobile consumption by customers, employees, partners and other developers (and it should be noted that Nordic countries have some incredibly forward-thinking developers).

Some of our good friends will be in Stockholm this week as well; Adam DuVander, Paul Madsen, Andreas Krohn, and Travis Spencer are but a few of the great minds who will be speaking and collaborating. Our EMEA Technical Director, Andy Jones, will be keynoting on the first day of the conference, and Peter Hansen and Mads Vanggaard will be hosting a session on API security. We’re looking forward to a fun, engaging and enlightening week. Skal!

SOA Software Sessions:

Keynote: Using APIs for Better Business Partnerships

Andy Jones, Technical Director, EMEA

Wednesday, September 18 – 10:45 AM

Session: Creating a Solid Foundation for API Security

Peter Hansen, Regional Manager and Mads Vanggaard, Nordic Solution Consultant

Thursday, September 19 – 1:00 PM

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