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Roberto Medrano

We’re at Microsoft’s huge TechEd conference this week and in just the first few hours in can already start to be overwhelming. As one of the largest and arguably most important technology company on the planet, Microsoft touches everything having to do with everything. Mobile, cloud, enterprise, consumer, big data, scripting, platform, developers, marketers, CEOs, influencers…everything that’s important to anyone who cares about technology is represented here.

So in the midst of all this, it’s notable that we’ve been inundated with questions, requests and all kinds of interest about API management. In just the first few hours, our booth (booth 2512, by the way) has been visited by some really fascinating people who are trying to extend their businesses and increase the reach of their apps through the use of APIs. The stories we’ve heard have been around all manner of issues, and of course, to API geeks like us, we are having a blast.

But what’s been especially interesting is that we’ve been able to talk about our new API Management solution for Microsoft environments, which we announced today. The goal of this new product is to help Microsoft enterprise users who are executing API programs do targeted management of their APIs and services, including APIs deployed on the Windows Azure cloud. That’s giving us some great “cred” here at TechEd, and it seems we’ve hit upon an incredibly engaged and accepting audience.
Many of our customers are basing their API initiatives on Microsoft environments. For so many organizations who have lofty ambitions, Microsoft provides a wide-ranging and comprehensive platform (especially for those looking to maintain their environment in the cloud). But to take an operable transactional platform and give it the opportunity to transact in more places, among more users, these API solutions from SOA Software are crucial.  Our strategy is to make it easy for their developers to expose and manage their APIs securely. We extend the Microsoft platform with our API Gateway and Developer Community solutions that have already helped many organizations launch their API initiatives.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we’re also pretty jazzed to now be offering API support for the Windows Azure cloud platform, Windows Azure Mobile Services, Windows Azure Service Bus and WebAPI. These innovations empower Microsoft shops to build large developer portals and communities and provide a single place to manage and secure APIs by using security features such as OAuth, OpenID and integration with enterprise security systems.  We now reach deep into the enterprise to ensure that APIs can securely connect with Microsoft resources and use Windows Azure Service Bus to securely manage interactions between APIs and critical business data stored in on-premise systems. Practically speaking, that means that your online operations (whether your transactions are about ecommerce, content, or data) are given a boost by enabling all parts of your ecosystem to have a more engaged, secure and valuable experience. Users who can do that will reward your bottom line.
Since the Microsoft platform is all-encompassing, we also have some new, cool stuff for BizTalk.  Microsoft BizTalk applications, Microsoft SQL Server data, and core internal application services built on Microsoft infrastructure can all securely and seamlessly participate in an API program, ensuring a functionally rich mobile app experience for end users. Our API Gateway can manage and secure WebAPI services, WCF services and BizTalk apps as APIs available on the public cloud. In addition, our API Management provides native integration with enterprise Microsoft technology.  This helps ensure that API-to-enterprise interactions work out of box the first time without the expense, risk and time investment of complex integration efforts.

It’s all (mostly?) about mobile, ultimately.  SOA Software API Management for Microsoft offers a comprehensive developer portal for API and mobile app developers, a lifecycle management solution fully integrated with Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server, and an API gateway to secure and mediate Microsoft-based API interactions with backend services. Windows Phone, iOS, and Android developers can use the developer portal to browse and negotiate consumption of APIs for use within mobile apps. Enterprise Microsoft IT organizations can use the solution to plan, build and run APIs integrated with their enterprise services environment. The result is an approach to API management for Microsoft users that is fast and easy, offering all the benefits of APIs on the Microsoft platform in a single solution.

Users of Microsoft platform tools will be able to use API Management solution for Microsoft environments to ensure that their application solutions are comprehensive and secure, regardless of whether they’ll be used in the cloud, for mobile, or on-premise, and irrespective of whether they are built on SOAP, REST or other technologies. Getting into the API Economy is now not just easier, but truly has the potential to be more profitable for enterprises that rely on a Microsoft foundation

We can talk about this stuff ad nauseam, and we’re happy to do so. So if you’re at TechEd this week, stop by and visit is at Booth 2512.


–        SOA Software and Microsoft: http://www.soa.com/microsoft

–        SOA Software API Gateway: http://www.soa.com/solutions/api-gateway

–        SOA Software API Management Platform: http://www.soa.com/solutions/enterprise-api-management

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