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Simon Barere

SOA Software recently announced the showcasing of its API Management solution at the Microsoft Technology Centers (MTCs), and I wanted to spend a little time going into more detail on what this means and why it is important.

The MTCs are Microsoft locations worldwide where you can preview the latest Microsoft and partner technology. It is a great place to see real live solutions up and running that solve IT challenges similar to your own. It is also a great place to engage MTC architects and partners on these current challenges you are trying to solve. Through these in-depth engagements and proof-of-concepts, this collaboration quickly leads to new designs and architectures for your IT environments, and ultimately to new solutions that help you drive your IT strategy forward. I am a big proponent of getting all the right stakeholders into a single room with all the tools, technologies, and expertise necessary to make the right decisions and drive initiatives forward. The MTCs are a perfect place to do this, and I highly recommend visiting your local MTC to do just that.

And if your current set of challenges includes mobile, cloud, API, and SOA, then even better. SOA Software now has some very cool solutions up and running at your local MTC that address these critical topics. We are showcasing the ability to expose your existing Microsoft backend environment to the cloud for consumption by mobile apps running on mobile devices like Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone. The importance of this capability cannot be understated. As you endeavor to make progress on your mobile strategies, one of your biggest question marks is how you will make the right enterprise data available to an increasingly critical base of mobile apps that are used by your customers, partners, and internal staff to transact business on a daily basis.

But accomplishing this is easier said than done. You will need to find out where this data lives and who owns it. You will need to unlock this data by bridging the gap between the new technology standards of mobile apps and the existing technology standards of your backend Microsoft systems. You will need to control who has access to it. You will need it to be well organized and structured so that all your internal IT stakeholders can follow a standardized and well managed process for exposing and promoting that data. You will need a streamlined runtime infrastructure to ensure the data flows smoothly and securely. And hopefully your solution will be cost effective and agile, so that you don’t stretch your budgets and timelines in the process of reaching your goals.

API Management for MicrosoftHow will you accomplish all of this? Enter SOA Software and Microsoft. Visit a local MTC to see how SOA Software’s solution partners with Microsoft Azure Service Bus, Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone, and your existing backend systems to realize a solution that offers answers to all of these challenges and more.

We begin with your existing on-premise Microsoft environment – BizTalk Server, SQL Server, WCF, WebAPI and other solutions. This is where your gold mine of data lives. We then add a management layer on top of that to organize your backend systems as a series of well-defined services. We then add native Microsoft runtime gateway technology to add security, monitoring, routing, and mediation to the mobile app transactions seeking the enterprise data stored in your backend systems. Finally, we add Microsoft Azure and API management technology to get your data onto the cloud and to share it in the form of APIs with a community of internal and external mobile app developers. Developers that are hungry to add value to the enterprise data that is today locked away and hidden in your on-premise systems.

Not bad for a single unified solution. All of this is available out-of-box without need for custom development or expensive integrations. This means you can be up and running with your new mobile initiatives in no time, without worrying about how you are going to expose, manage and share your critical enterprise data. The very data that has the potential to make or break the success of your mobile initiatives.  And because the technology is built on and for the Microsoft platform, you can continue to leverage all of your existing on-premise Microsoft technology without modification, including Active Directory, NET.TCP, Windows Security, BizTalk Server and MSMQ.

Sound like a promising way to implement mobile strategies across your organization while still protecting your significant on-premise Microsoft investment? We think so too. We invite you to come on down to your local MTC to preview this technology, and don’t forget to also let us know how you are planning to tackle the enterprise data challenges of mobile adoption, and how SOA Software and Microsoft can help you.

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