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Roberto Medrano

Forrester Research has just published their definitive report on API Management Solutions, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. In their exhaustive and discerning review, they named SOA Software’s API management solution as a leader in enterprise API management and validated us as an impactful and valuable player in the market. With this recognition comes the approval of customers, partners and influencers who have determined that a solid foundation for creating and growing data assets as digital channels must come from a comprehensive API management solution and that provides a strong portal, security and policy enforcement and most important, provide a complete API Lifecycle solution.

SOA Software has broad coverage across all our feature-function categories and is the only vendor to embed both service life-cycle management and runtime management products within its API management solution. From “The Forrester Wave™: API Management Solutions, Q3 2014 – by Randy Heffner, September 29, 2014”


SOA Software is among the best at providing all the capabilities. From the Forrester Wave Report:

SOA Software Named a Leader Score for Current Offering Category (From “The Forrester Wave™: API Management Solutions, Q3 2014 – by Randy Heffner, September 29, 2014”)


SOA Software’s solution was the most consistently strong across all of our primary evaluation criteria, and it was the only solution to at least partially fulfill all of the five added-value features we examined.  From “The Forrester Wave™: API Management Solutions, Q3 2014 – by Randy Heffner, September 29, 2014”

What makes Forrester’s investigation so compelling is that they interview customers and look at actual examples of a wide variety of scenarios to determine the value of different solutions. 40 separate criteria were used to evaluate different vendors, with the emphasis being not just on how the products operate independently, but rather how they work in relation to application infrastructures (on-premise and on cloud) and their likelihood of helping customers achieve success at developing lucrative digital ecosystems.

The report explains that many vendors provide offerings that really just address specific points along the API lifecycle spectrum, so what stands out here is that Forrester really honed in on the comprehensive nature of what different players provide. It is apparent that Forrester has recognized the onslaught of smaller vendors who provide piecemeal solutions for very specific API categories – some focus just on the development and creation aspect of APIs, while others provide layered security. To that end, they determined that a combination of features around security and policy management, API design, API transformation and integration, product architecture, install base, and mobile capabilities set SOA Software above others in the field. In addition, Forrester published 3 specific scenarios for API Management: Mobile App Support, Service Provider and Enterprise. SOA Software was the only company as a leader not only in the Forrester Wave but also in all 3 scenarios published in the additional report “Applying the Forrester Wave™: API Management Solutions, Q3 2014 – by Randy Heffner, September 29, 2014”

The solution’s standout features are life-cycle management, federation to support multi-provider API scenarios, and an integrated core of service management capability. It is among the best in its portal, security, API design and creation, and product architecture.  From “The Forrester Wave™: API Management Solutions, Q3 2014 – by Randy Heffner, September 29, 2014”

The Forrester Wave report identifies SOA Software as having top scores for three critical categories that buyers must have: breadth and comprehensiveness of the current offering, overall solution vision and strategy, and market presence.

The SOA Software solution addresses every aspect of the overall API landscape: our Portal provides developers and users a place to share and promote APIs; API Security protects sensitive data with authentication, OAuth, and advanced cryptography for APIs; Monitoring, QoS Management and Provisioning to give visibility into performance and manage quality; Analytics for deeper insight into your data API functionality; API Lifecycle to define and manage your overall API strategy. The net effect: a customer’s needs are met through identifying, leveraging, securing, managing and monetizing data – yes, an API is the thing that lets you do it, but it has to be done with a single, integrated, complementary solution. And all of is done with the agility, speed and reliability that most enterprises today expect.

SOA Software’s solution is in the lower to middle cost range. In our reference checks, SOA Software’s customers were very to extremely satisfied with the vendor. They were moderately to extremely satisfied with all areas of the solution, while their most positive sentiments were for the solution’s API product manager features, closely followed by its security and rate limiting features. From “The Forrester Wave™: API Management Solutions, Q3 2014 – by Randy Heffner, September 29, 2014”

We pride ourselves on knowing the landscape of digital enterprises reliance on data and services and using APIs to manifest that data into marketable digital assets. That insight doesn’t just come from reading trends; we spend considerable time with current customers and new prospects to understand what their business goals are and what their technical infrastructures look like. Yes, we deliver what customers want, but we have built into our API Management solution the ability to establish an entirely new type of digital business. This is the thing that customers want and what Forrester really conveys in their report.

Their research identifies things that are demanded in the market-ability to develop for external consumption as well as for internal use only, services-based and on-premise versions, mobile app security and support, a services gateway, and runtime management. Besides SOA Software, no other vendor has that box checked in every instance.

We’ve provided a complimentary copy of the Forrester report, Forrester Wave: API Management Solutions, Q3 2014 .

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