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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Ian Goldsmith

Getting the most out of API management

To take advantage of the wide array of things that APIs can do for your company, you need to provide the right kind of supporting infrastructure for your API and app developers, architects, and operations and security teams.

Ian Goldsmith

What you think you know about APIs

With more organizations and people diving in, there’s no shortage of confusion and proclamations of just what API management really is. Where do you start?

Rod Cope

Video: APIs are the heart of enterprise growth for 2017

Listen to Rod Cope as he discusses enterprise digital transformation and how APIs are driving growth towards new markets and customers.

Ian Goldsmith

We stayed up when AWS went down

AWS had a well-documented failure of the S3 service in its US East region this week. Our Akana API Management SaaS platform is hosted in AWS, so how were we able to offer a seamless service to our customers throughout this disruption?