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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Ian Goldsmith

Eat Your Microservices Elephant One Bite at a Time

There seems to be a tendency amongst architects to think of microservices as a way to build entire applications, taking monoliths and completely re-implementing them as a set of microservices. This belief makes a lot of architects, especially in large enterprise, question whether microservices is right for their organization. I think there is a different… Continue reading →

Laura Heritage

Internal Hackathons – Jump Start Digital Transformation

Organization culture is often a great barrier to a digital transformation. Getting everyone to think in terms of digital business – rather than business as usual – can be extremely challenging. And, I do mean everyone, from the business to the technical employees. It’s not that people don’t have the potential to change. Chances are,… Continue reading →

Roberto Medrano

2016 Predictions: The Evolution of Services, API Management and “Digital Glue”

Early in 2015 I predicted that API management and security solutions, microservices development, and application integration across platforms and devices would converge in a major way. I have been predicting this convergence for quite some time (2015, 2014, 2013); first when we established the concept of the API Economy in 2012, and more recently when we… Continue reading →