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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Laura Heritage

The Movement Towards Hypermedia APIs – Is it Happening?

Confession, I was not a believer in Hypermedia APIs.  When I would attend a conference and hear the dream behind the academic theory of API flexibility, unbreakable and adaptable clients, no need for documentation among other dreams, I would laugh silently, mock, and say to myself,  yeah right these guys do not live in the real… Continue reading →

Sachin Agarwal

Creating Digital Value Chains with APIs

Amazon, Uber, Netflix, Tesla are all examples of businesses that have disrupted their markets, to dominate their traditional counterparts. These companies, and others like them, are using technology to change the way products are designed, manufactured, sold and serviced around the globe. Digital manufacturing, digital market places, connected value chains, dynamic and on-demand servicing and… Continue reading →