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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Roberto Medrano

APIs, Cloud and Data are key to improving access to Healthcare

There have been numerous attempts at improving at how medical and wellness care are delivered and managed here in the United States. HealthCare.gov (aka, ObamaCare) had some initial hiccups, but is now helping millions get access to quality and affordable care. Insurance companies are making attempts to simplify services and reporting, and are participating in… Continue reading →

Laura Heritage

The 6 Risks of Consuming 3rd Party APIs

There is so much focus for companies to externalize their services via APIs, that there is little to no focus for how these same companies are consuming 3rd Party APIs.  This is gearing up to be or already is a major issue for the enterprise.   Most of the companies I have talked to about exposing… Continue reading →

Ryan Bagnulo

Rapid Mobile App to API integration

Wireframes for user interface design are still a good idea when communicating requirements to others, however lately I would rather create them as a HTML5 prototype that is usable across heterogeneous devices with various screen sizes and resolutions. One such tool that I prefer is from Appery.io, which is a browser based jQuery and PhoneGap… Continue reading →

Sachin Agarwal

The API-Tier: Bridging the Old with the New

I am still recovering from a packed four-day agenda at the Gartner Catalyst conference in San Diego. I had numerous interesting and often revealing conversations with enterprise IT leaders who are transforming their large and complex enterprises into agile and digital businesses. And yes, not to forget all the late night parties and the after-parties… Continue reading →

Laura Heritage


Note:  This blog first appeared on RAML.org While every enterprise wants to innovate and move as quickly as a startup, it is important to remember that enterprises face many obstacles that are non-existent in the startup world. These include organizational politics, sheer size, and depth of product/service offerings. Enterprises are also held to a different… Continue reading →

Roberto Medrano

The Essential Guide to APIs and Mobile Applications

Most people will say that the front-end of a mobile app is where the excitement is. While it’s true that design and look-and-feel can have a big impact on adoption and usage, the test of an app’s value is what it delivers to the user, and what that user can do with it. The value… Continue reading →