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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Laura Heritage

Enterprise API Adoption Pattern Webinar – Questions Answered

I wanted to thank you all again for attending the Enterprise API Adoption Patterns talk yesterday.  For those that didn’t get to view the webcast you can watch a replay here: http://resource.soa.com/resource/webinar/enterprise-api-adoption-patterns. We had several questions that appeared in the chat.  I had difficulty catching them as they scrolled through.  I seemed to have lost… Continue reading →

Roberto Medrano

API Script Execution and Policy Manager

In a previous blog, we looked at the behavior of scripts that run in applications, and how they need to interact with APIs in order for you to gain full advantage of multiple applications running through a single API. We’re going to look at the phase of development that happens after configuring your API. It… Continue reading →

Sachin Agarwal

Marketing Your APIs to Developers – The New Digital Economy Prerogative

The title of this post is a misnomer. Developers detest marketers and do not like the fluffy stuff that most marketers throw at them. Developers do not even hang around the traditional channels that most marketers tend to use. So as an enterprise that is rolling out an API, how do you attract developers to… Continue reading →

Simon Barere

Microsoft Cloud Integration

Stefan Reid from Forrester Research recently put out a report on cloud integration called “The Forrester Wave: Hybrid Integration, Q1 2014”. I was happy to see that Microsoft was well represented, and that they did well. Microsoft’s key product contributions were Windows Azure BizTalk Services and Windows Azure Service Bus. Reid talks about the growing… Continue reading →

Simon Barere

Have It Your Way On DataPower

SOA Software just released the latest version of our Policy Manager for DataPower API and SOA management solution for DataPower. It contains a new feature, Custom Policy, that is so relevant to what DataPower customers need today that I thought I would share a bit of the excitement on what it is, what it can… Continue reading →

Roberto Medrano

Configure and Manage your Script with Policy Manager

Scripts running in your application will call upon APIs to provide different types and access levels of data. It’s crucial that you approach scripting with a comprehensive plan for how APIs will interact with them, and how to enable scripts to get the most out of your API, while remaining secure, and adhering to efficiency… Continue reading →