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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Roberto Medrano

Watching a Garden of APIs Grow

Our focus is enterprise API management, and we’ve been very successful at helping major companies extend their influence and business activities to millions of users. While enterprise is where we make our living, the development and usage of APIs – any APIs – is something we find wildly exciting (and that’s not said facetiously –… Continue reading →

Roberto Medrano

API Management: What the Different Formats Offer

When a programmer sets out to construct a business-oriented API, he or she has to strongly consider what data format best fits the company’s needs, as well as the intended end-users. Some formats are more user-friendly than others, which makes them suitable for a consumer (B2C) application.  For a limited B2B interaction, a Web-friendly JSON… Continue reading →

Roberto Medrano

The Action is Heating Up for Business Process APIs

GigaOm published an enlightening piece [ http://gigaom.com/2012/10/06/business-process-api-ification-the-lego-promise-fulfilled/ ]  by Mayfield Fund partner Robin Vasan, Business Process API-ification: The LEGO promise Fulfilled. As a successful venture capitalist, Vasan brings an interesting perspective to the current thinking about the API economy. It’s primarily because he thinks the API-ification of applications will only truly be successful, and that… Continue reading →

Roberto Medrano

From Inception to Completion: Building the Best API

The recent surge in the popularity of APIs among the consumer public has sent companies scrambling to the programmer’s drawing board to devise their own. Much of this has to do with the continuing trends of portability in electronic devices (e.g, Smartphones and Tablets) which – as it turns out – are a natural medium… Continue reading →

Roberto Medrano

API Promotion in the Growing Competitive Sphere

In the early days of API promotion, there was mostly a simple release-and-sit-back approach taken by most enterprise-level businesses seeking to put their product into the hands of the waiting public. As niches saturate, the public is still waiting but now there are so many competitive products rushing to fill their hands that active promotion… Continue reading →

Roberto Medrano

The Coming Role of API in Mobile Marketing

When you consider what is happening in retail sales and information exchange in the tech world, this will probably be known as the Age of Interconnectedness. Given the preeminence of the application programming interface (API) in allowing the disparate languages that direct these programs to understand each other and relate the results to the end-user.… Continue reading →