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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Ian Goldsmith

Enterprise APIs – APIs are not just for the cool kids

Much of the discussion around APIs tends to center on the well-known APIs published by “cool” companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google. Although these high-profile enterprises do show remarkable innovation, the fact is that it’s not just the household names who can use APIs to expand their business capabilities. Enterprise APIs have become essential tools… Continue reading →

Alistair Farquharson

Proxies, connectors and agents! Oh my!

There is an excellent post on Kin Lane’s API Evangelist blog about The Battle for your API Proxy. I think a better title would have been ‘The Battle of Agents vs. Proxies’. Agents have been around forever in one form or another. When used to deliver API services, API agents are different than proxies because… Continue reading →

Ian Goldsmith

Would you pay to play?

Here’s a question that we find compelling: If you’re an app developer, would you pay to use an API? Maybe you have an API that fits your use perfectly. Even in that case, though, would your commitment change if you had to pay to use it? APIs expose existing business capabilities to a whole new… Continue reading →

Alistair Farquharson

In with the Old, in with the New

With the release of API Management product, SOA Software is now in the API business. With this blog, I’ll cover issues that go along with API management, such as security, mobile strategies, virtualization, policies, and the state of the API market. But first, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. We acknowledge that not… Continue reading →